Different types of Dog Carrier

Many people would argue that dogs are made for walking and that the phrase ‘walkies’ brings about a huge amount of excitement and bouncing around. However, for some dog walking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It may be that your dog is old and arthritic and, though he still loves to be outdoors, he can’t walk any distance any more. Or it may be that you have a smaller dog but often go for very long walks which he can’t manage with his little legs. In these cases you would be well advised to look into buying a dog carrier.

Believe it or not there is actually a large and varied range of dog carriers on the market today. Most people are well aware of the dog crates which are used when carrying a dog to the vets or a boarding kennel. These are made from plastic with a grate at the front to stop the dog from getting out. If you are proud of your green credentials then a cardboard eco-carrier made from mostly re-cycled materials will stop you panicking about the amount of plastic you are using.

If you have a particularly petite pet then a small dog carrier in the form of a hand bag is all you will need. These specially designed bags have reinforced handles which are slightly longer than those on a normal handbag so that the dog can sit up and poke his head out. The bag is also well ventilated so that your pet is able to breathe even if the bag is done up.

Modes of transport for babies have also been used as a model for various types of dog carrier. It is possible to get a front pouch style carrier for dogs up to about 20lbs. These have padded bottoms and a lead and collar fastener at the top to stop the dog from escaping. They also have lots of useful pockets for the dog owner to stash his or her belongings. The other type of carrier is in the form of a stroller only the seat is completely flat and padded with a mesh front to stop the dog from jumping out.

The final type of dog carrier to discuss is a collapsible carrier. These are made from a light metal frame which has a nylon cover stretched over it. These are incredibly light weight and fold down very small and so don’t take up much space. This type of carrier is ideal for journeys in the car.
So, next time you think that you will have to leave your pet at home in his dog kennel while you go out for a walk, think again!

Types of Dog Crates

Some people would suggest that dog crates are cruel, cage like structures which remove an animal’s freedom. However, dogs don’t see it this way. In their wild, undomesticated past dogs found dens where they had a safe place to go and watch the world go by. Today’s dogs will still generally find some sort of hidey hole in their owner’s house where they can rest or sleep undisturbed. By providing them with a dog kennel or crate you are giving them their own little den. There are several different types of crate available.

Plastic dog crates

These crates are mainly used for transporting small to medium sized dogs, either on visits to the vet or on car journeys. They are hardwearing and easy to clean and generally have a grate like door, which can be totally removed, at the front. These are the cheapest type of crate available.

Folding dog crates

These crates are slightly more expensive as they have a frame with fabric stretched over it. These collapsible dog crates are great for people who want to save space as they can be easily hidden away when not in use. The nylon covers of soft dog crates can also be put into a washing machine, making them very hygienic.

Metal crates

These are much sturdier and make a great large dog kennel. They will last much longer than a plastic crate and tend to be a more permanent structure as they aren’t very easy to move once put into place. Being large they will allow your dog more freedom to play and exercise while still being a safe, secure environment.

Car crates

These are specially designed to fit into the boot of a car and represent a safe, clean way to transport dogs. The dogs can’t escape into the front of the car where they could cause an accident by paying the driver a visit and, should an accident occur it will prevent them from being thrown across the car.
In short, crates are a form of dog kennel to be used for keeping your dog safe, either while in transport or in your home or garden. They represent somewhere that a dog can sleep or relax without worrying about any noise or chaos going on around him. They come in all different sizes and the material from which they are constructed will vary depending on the main use that the crate is for.

Dog Play Pen

Buying a new puppy is an exciting time for a family. They are cute, cuddly and lots of fun. However, as part of all the fun and games you need to make sure that you start to train your puppy from the moment you bring him home. Jumping up, getting under your feet and chewing your slippers may seem sweet when he’s tiny. It’ll be less amusing once visitors are being knocked down by a full grown dog and all your soft furnishings are in tatters. Start as you mean to go on as it’s much harder to break bad habits once your dog has got set in his ways.

First ensure that you have all the equipment needed to train your dog. A dog kennel, collar and lead, lots of toys and a dog play pen.

A kennel will become his own little dog house where he will feel relaxed and happy. Kennel training starts by putting a comfortable bed and some nice toys inside and encouraging him to go in for gradually longer periods. Once he is happy in there then you can use his outdoor dog kennel as a place to put him when you have visitors nervous of dogs or you want some space to get jobs done.

A dog play pen can be used in the early days to allow a puppy to be in the same room as the family without being able to get into mischief. He will be able to run around and play and have a good look at what is going on without being able to destroy anything.

Another useful feature is that by putting their dog kennel inside it you will also be helping to house train them. This is because dogs don’t like to soil an area that they consider to be their den and so they will hold on until you take them outside to do their business. Just make sure that you take them outside regularly or otherwise you are setting yourself up for little accidents.

A final use of a dog play pen is to take it out into the garden so that it acts like a dog run. The pens are usually lightweight and easy to fold up, making moving it from place to place an easy job. Your puppy will be able to experience the outdoors, before he’s even had his jabs, without risk of escaping the garden. He will love all the new smells and sounds and everything won’t seem so strange when you take him on his first walk.
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